Willie McFarland Racing

The service operates  on a simple odds to losers deductible format. You are essentially betting alongside me. Your membership will decrease as you win and increase with each losing bet. If you lose 5 points or £50 that is added to your membership and I must win those 5 points back before your membership starts to decrease. 

Using a scale of 1:3 points, each point equals £10, so the maximum you can stake on any given bet is £30.


Typical example: You purchase Option 3, a £200 membership.


Taken from November 2015, on the dates not included there were no bets.    


Date                                      Profit/loss                                                           Running Total


02/11     1 bet                      -£12.50                                                                 -£12.50

03/11     2 bets                    -£27.50                                                                 -£40.00

07/11     3 bets                    +£80.00                                                                +£40.00

11/11     2 bets                    +£20.00                                                                +£60.00

12/11     2 bets                    +£66.00                                                                +£126.00

13/11     2 bets                    +£50.00                                                                +£176.00

14/11     4 bets                    +£9.00                                                                   +£185.00

15/11     3 bets                    +£89.00                                                                +£274.00


Target achieved.


I am not aware of any other services who offer odds to loser deductible service on such reasonable terms. I must make a profit; you will remain a member until such a time that I reach your target. Essentially a member is only paying when they are winning and when they are losing then that is added to their membership.

You can of course ignore all of the above information. Spend thousands of pounds joining a service with a large marketing budget, which is already oversubscribed. To finding yourself scrambling daily for nonexistent prices and eventually accepting 2/1 about a horse available at 9/2 four minutes earlier. Only to repeat the same daily routine during your membership. Enjoy!

Or ask yourself why don’t they offer similar odds to loser deductible terms?

Option 1 - £31 Daily Service Membership

Option 2 - £400 Daily Service Membership

Option 3 - £200 Daily Service Membership

Option 4 - £100 Daily Service Membership

For further information you can call me direct on 07876 684867.

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